Nov 22 2009

From Russia with Love

I know Lithuania is not part of Russia, but Philip was in Russia when he bought these hats and sweater (I’m pretty sure). Well, if I’m wrong I’ll have to figure out another title before I send the book to print.
2009021200 From Russia with Love
The title font is Virgin from ScrapVillage

Nov 21 2009

Forever Plaid

Joe planned a surprise date for me last month. Too bad it’s too expensive to hire a babysitter for more frequent dates. Thanks to the Madison Theatre Guild for the photos.
2009101701 Forever Plaid 2009101702 Forever Plaid

Nov 20 2009

Fall is Fun

One Saturday while I was at work, Joe took the girls outside to play in the leaves. Esther likes throwing the leaves up in the air. And by the way, in case you haven’t already figured it out, you can see a larger version of the picture if you click on it. Enjoy!
2009110701 Fall is Fun 2009110702 Fall is Fun

Elements and Paper from Falling for Him/Her by Scraps N Pieces

Nov 18 2009

Autumn Quickpage

I’m so glad there are things known as quickpages. Designs take elements from a kit and make them into a page, so all you have to do is plunk in the photo. Quick, simple, easy. This quickpage is from Lisiel using elements from a set called Early for Autumn by Thaliris
2009110700 Curled up with Papa

Nov 15 2009

Butterfly Daughter

Katherine is excited to get her picture taken whenever we pull out the camera.
2009110700 Butterfly Quick Page

Quick page from Soft Gray Set by July Designs

Nov 14 2009

Dollies Need Breakfast Too

Esther loves playing with her dollies. She sits them around the table at mealtimes so they can eat too. 2009110800 Breakfast with the Dollies
Silky Soft Background Texture by L. Hank Layout Based on Template 137 by Dirt Cheap

Nov 10 2009

Esther's 2nd Birthday

Now that Esther is almost three, I’m finally getting around to putting together the documentation for her second birthday. It’s kinda of amazing to see how much she has grown in just 9 months.
2009021501 Esther's Birthday 2009021502 Esther's Birthday
Paper and Elements It’s My Party Kit from Flower Scraps Layout Project 365 Week 42 from Midnight Scrapping

Nov 8 2009

"Picnic" Basket

Since it has been a while since I’ve posted picture pages, here are a couple that I finished today. I won’t make you wait for one post per day :)

2009021600 Picnic Basket

Layout based on Template #12 from Binty Papers and elements from set Dreams in Blue by Thaliris

Nov 8 2009

Katherine's Infectious Personality

2009100901 Luminescent Smile 2009100902 Luminescent Smile

Layout #11 from Lavender Blue Designs Set from

Nov 8 2009

Modern-Day Shepherds

I don’t think this is what the sheep did the night Jesus was born. The creativity people have always surprises me.