Digital Scrapbooking

I started scrapbooking in high school, but stumbled upon digital scrapping while looking for an alternative to traditional scrapbooking.  I am so far behind in putting pages together from pictures, it isn’t funny.  Some of the pictures I have taken, I don’t even remember the names of the people in them.  So, I thought before I forget all the fun stories that go along with pictures of my kids, I need to get scrapping.

Traditional scrapping is such a long process:  choose pictures (while having a layout in mind), upload pictures, order pictures, wait for pictures to come in the mail, get pictures, take out scrapbooking materials, create a page (while keeping all of your pictures, croppers, stamps, and other supplies out of toddler’s hands), etc.

Digital scrapping has been so much easier for me because I can work on it while the kids sleep, and not have to access my crafts (which are in the sleeping child’s room).  I can fit as many pictures on a page as I desire.  I can play with perspective and proximity on my page without needing to make special prints to paste on a traditional page.

I will be posting pages from time to time and linking to my favorite freebie pages.  I hope you enjoy the pages and can get some ideas for your own books.

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