Jan 31 2010

The Nativity

Setting up my nativity set is one of my favorite activities at Christmas time. Here are some pictures from last year.

Template #48 from Kaelira Set Autumn Flower from GM Designs

Jan 30 2010

Playtime for Katherine

Jan 28 2010

Wisconsin Winterland

Just when you’re ready for spring to come, here comes more snow! Welcome to Wisconsin, land of eternal winter.

Jan 28 2010

Christmas Cookies

I’m very grateful to the scrapbook community that posts freebies for the rest of us to use. I haven’t had to buy one set, and have been able to make some awesome pages! Thank you to all who make templates, paper, embellishments, and all the other things that make our pages stellar!

Set is Milk and Cookies from Dreamsfulfilled Template #9 from Lavender Blue Designs

Jan 27 2010

Darling Sleeper

This day Esther wanted to sleep with her bear and the bear I used to sleep with. Snowball looks quite pleased.

Set Dream in Blue from Thaliris

Jan 26 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

Last year we had a birthday party for Jesus with some friends of ours. The kids had fun blowing out candles even though the cake was for someone else :)

Paper from Christmas is All Around by Malina Alpha is Whisper Softly from Delicious Scraps

Jan 25 2010

January 2009 Review

One layout at a time… I now have July 2008-December 2008 left to scrap and I can print a book.

Jan 24 2010

Giggles and Smiles

I think this may be one of my most artistic pages yet. You know all of those pictures that you take of cute smiles? What do you do with them? They are mostly the same, but not quite so you want to use all of them. I took one picture and used it as an overlay to create some interesting white space on this page.

Set used was My Secret Garden by Nona’s Creations

Jan 23 2010

Christmas 2008

Set Christmas is All Around by Malina Template Page in a Pinch 6 by Red Leaf Digiscrapping

Jan 20 2010

Oh the Places You Will Find….

The other night we were looking for a sucker that Katherine dropped. Guess where we found it….it kinda blends right in.