Feb 13 2010

Waiting for Papa

From days gone by when Esther was about Katherine’s age. She would sit by the door and wait for Joe to come home.

Feb 13 2010

Pie, Pie, Pie!

Using the reliable Betty Crocker recipe, Esther and Grandma made a lemon meringue pie last week. Katherine stole one of the peaks while it was cooling.

Set What’s Cooking by Dreamsfulfilled

Feb 7 2010

Mmm, Buns

Steadily plugging away at my pictures. I am having fun getting these put onto pages.

Sets used are Berry Bliss Mini by Let Me Scrapbook and What’s Cooking by Dreamsfulfilled

Feb 6 2010

Hip Hop Toddler

While my sister in law was packing to leave for home, Katherine decided she wanted to hang out in Aunt Hallie’s room. Here are the results.

Alpha Girlz R Tough by Sarah

Feb 5 2010

Yummy Chili!

Chili is one of my favorite dishes. My husband was not impressed with my chili when we first got married. The only spice I used was chili powder. There wasn’t any depth or interesting flavor, and I must admit, it was quite blah.

So, a couple years ago, we went on the search for the perfect chili recipe. I discovered a cooking show called America’s Test Kitchen that tests recipes until they find one what works the best. They have an awesome chili concoction. Their recipes are usually only available through subscription, but in this week’s newsletter, they have a menu available for Super Bowl Parties.

Enjoy the best meal for a cold Wisconsin football game!

Feb 1 2010

Katherine at 3 Months

Not much that a baby does at three months…just got some cute pictures.

January Quick page by Eva