Jul 22 2010

Esther Models

Esther models a pretty dress she got from Great Grandma. These are her last pictures before her baby sister is born. We went walking around the neighborhood to persuade Katherine to come early.

Credits: Dreams in Blue by Thaliris Whimsy Flyte Mask by Flower Scraps (Deanna Jones)

Jul 22 2010

Apple Picking

A Fun Tradition for many families…

Jul 21 2010

October 2008

Jul 20 2010

Visiting Family

Aunt Vicky doesn’t “do” grandnieces., but Uncle Dan does.  (I think she secretly liked it).

Between Two Worlds by Ptitesouris Yin Template 114

Jul 19 2010

Memorial Day Remembered

“Doing life together” includes getting together on some of the holidays to have a picnic. Join a LifeGroup at Blackhawk to go deeper into the Bible and to go deeper in your relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Credits: Sus Designs Template 13 Alpha Backyard Fort Collab by Scrappy Kat In Pursuit of Scrappiness by Vintage Flea

Jul 18 2010

Esther Acting Hip

Template based on one from Biograffiti

Jul 17 2010

Two Little Girls to Bring Home

Some of my favorite pictures of all time.  I love Esther’s little smile.

Butterfly Breezes by Mommy Me Time Scrapper

I was glad to leave the hospital with two girls instead of one.

F-A-L-L into Fall Template by Annabrettj.blogspot.com
Butterfly Breezes by Mommy Me Time Scrapper

Jul 16 2010

Katherine’s Original Birthday

Credits: It’s a Girl by NonaCreations

Jul 15 2010

Dreaming with Papa

This was a freebie quickpage I downloaded.

Jul 14 2010

Another Wedding Layout

This layout was designed after I went through an online course called Building Pages by Debbie Hodge.  It has 12 lessons to teach some basic layout design to make pages look great.

Credits: Butterfly Breeze by MommyMeTime Scrapper