May 7 2012

Adobe Configurator

Have you heard of Adobe Configurator? It’s a nifty feature that I learned about while watching Photoshop User TV hosted by Scott Kelby.

You can create your own custom tool panel to use within Photoshop CS5 or Illustrator. I created a panel of the tools that I use most while creating a scrapbook page. In addition to creating your own panel, you can also save it to share with others (or yourself on different computers).

Here is a screenshot of my panel:

Configurator Panel

I also made a custom workspace:

Set up your photoshop windows the way you want them to be every time you open the program, then go to Window-> New Workspace. Save the workspace with an appropriate name. Now while creating, I have the things I use most often at my fingertips. And, the nice part is I can edit these things as my skills develop to suit my needs.

Photoshop Workspace