Speed Scrap Fun

For those unfamiliar with digital scrapbooking, there are fun challenges to complete online to help you get pages finished. One is called a speed scrap. You are given directions and a certain amount of time to complete the assignment. It’s neat to see how many different pages are created when everyone is using the same directions.

Here are the directions from Stuff to Scrap Speed Scrap 322:

  1. Pick out 4 Papers, 2 Patterned, 2 plain and 2 Photos.

  2. Layer the 4 papers as your background Patterned Plain Patterned Plain. Adjust them however you like as long as you can see some of all 4.

  3. Crop your 2 photos into Squares or at least the same shape as each other. One Big & 1 Small and place them overlapping on a lower corner.

  4. Layer 3 Ribbons / RicRac / Stitches / Strings under the photos along the bottom of the layout.

  5. Add as many elements to the photo ribbon cluster as you would like. I only used 2 but if you want more to cluster by all means.

  6. Add Journalling above the ribbons, beside the photos.

  7. Add any drop shadows and last minute touches & a title if you wish. Upload to the gallery & post it in the forum. You have 1 hour from now.

And my page…


Forever in Blue Jeans by Scraps of Ellay
Page inspired by “Do Everything” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Now for the kicker, I created this cute page, but in the process of saving it for the web, I lost the original file. Boo. At least I have a pattern to copy though.

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