Leading Gently

After yesterday’s realization at Bible study, today’s MOPs presentation was a great follow up. Our mentor mom gave us an overview of The Five Love Languages for Children, then we watched part of a Hearts at Home presentation from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Michelle had some good tips. How can I gently lead? By training my children. As a mom, the most important character qualities I should display to them are love and meekness. Show them love and ask for forgiveness when I make a mistake.

The most fundamental qualities I need to train my children to have are attentiveness, obedience, and self control. Once I can expect these things from them, leading should be much easier because they will be trained to listen and obey my voice.

Michelle uses this chart and reminds her kids as she teaches them these character qualities that her number one desire for them is to have a right relationship with God by loving Him with all their heart, soul, and mind.

Here are some other resources Michelle has posted.

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