Feb 7 2013

Leading Gently

After yesterday’s realization at Bible study, today’s MOPs presentation was a great follow up. Our mentor mom gave us an overview of The Five Love Languages for Children, then we watched part of a Hearts at Home presentation from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Michelle had some good tips. How can I gently lead? By training my children. As a mom, the most important character qualities I should display to them are love and meekness. Show them love and ask for forgiveness when I make a mistake.

The most fundamental qualities I need to train my children to have are attentiveness, obedience, and self control. Once I can expect these things from them, leading should be much easier because they will be trained to listen and obey my voice.

Michelle uses this chart and reminds her kids as she teaches them these character qualities that her number one desire for them is to have a right relationship with God by loving Him with all their heart, soul, and mind.

Here are some other resources Michelle has posted.

Feb 6 2013

Good and Gentle Shepherd

This week for our Encounter Bible study, we dove into John 10. Jesus declares that He is the Good Shepherd.

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.

John 10:14-15 ESV

After our small group discussion, we joined the other small groups for a lecture. One thing that stuck out to me about the Messiah as shepherd was this:

He will tend his flock like a shepherd;
he will gather the lambs in his arms;
he will carry them in his bosom,
and gently lead those that are with young.

Isaiah 40:11 ESV

He will gently lead those that are with young. What a comforting thought! The Good Shepherd will not drive us. He will not beat us to go further. He will stop when we need rest. As a mom in the early years of mothering, I am glad for the fact that my Savior will lead me gently with my young; He will not give me more than I can handle (even though it seems that way at times).

I also need to be a gentle shepherd to my little flock. Sometimes I try to drive them when they need carrying. Sometimes I keep going when they need rest.

Lord, help me to be a kind, gentle shepherd, like you, to my little lambs.

How can I lead gently?

Oct 15 2012

Hall Closet Organization

Today I organized the hall closet after having difficulty finding things and an avalanche of towels upon opening the door on laundry day. Here it is all nice and neat.


How did I get it s neat and organized you say? First I simply got rid of some things that were just hanging out and I don’t use.

Secondly, i learned how to fold fitted sheets so they only take up as much room as a folded flat sheet. Take a look at this video, and you will be on your way to a neat linen closet too. Thanks Mom for finding the video!

Sep 23 2012

Meal Organization

As we have added children to our family, reevaluating and reorganizing my way of doing things around the home has become a must. I think I finally have gotten a meal/ grocery routine down that works for me and thought I would share it here in hopes it would help someone else too.

A couple years ago, I bought a locker marker board to put on my fridge. This board is dedicated to holding my running list of grocery items that are needed. When I use up a package, bottle, or carton of a regularly stocked kitchen (or household) item such as mac and cheese, ketchup, or butter, I write it down on the board. On grocery shopping day, that list is typed into my phone so I will have it with me at the store.

A simple magnet locker white board

I also just recently added another magnet marker board to my arsenal. This one lives on the chest freezer in my basement. I keep a dynamic inventory on the board so that I know what is in my freezer without needing to stick my head in there and claw around searching for that chicken breast I know that must be in there somewhere.

The marker is magnetic too!

Freezer list

The last weapon I use in my battle against meal planning chaos is an iPad app and desktop program called Paprika. It is wonderful for finding and storing recipes and using them in the kitchen as you cook. It also has a great meal planning calendar. After you add recipes to the menu, you can create a grocery list for a specific meal or for the week of meals. The grocery list is organized into categories for your shopping ease.

Putting everything together, I can take my grocery list, go down to the basement, “shop” in the freezer, then add remaining items to my phone list. I also add to dos to my calendar to take items out of the freezer for the next day’s meal. This last step of adding to do’s to the calendar has saved me many nights of “oops, I forgot to take that out of the freezer, now what will we eat?”

My grocery spending is down because I know what I have and what I need. My time is organized and preparing dinner is more enjoyable. I plan a week ahead so now it is a rare night that I don’t know what to make for dinner. My meal plan is flexible enough that if I don’t feel like the planned meal that night, I could probably switch to another meal from that week as a substitute.

This organization has brought peace to one part of my life. Now to work on another part! What works for you in kitchen/ meal management? What other home areas have you re-engineered so that your life is smoother?

Sep 16 2012

What’s for Dinner?

Smelling the roast cooking when we came home from church today reminded me of Sundays when I was young, and mom would have dinner cooking in the oven. She would start dinner before we left for church in the morning, and by the time we got home, the fragrance would fill the house and make everyone anxious for the mashed potatoes to be finished cooking because, of course, we were all STARVING!

Mom would have me mix the cornstarch slurry to make the gravy, she would get the vegetable ready, and dad would mash the potatoes.

I’m thankful that my mom showed her love to us by making meals from scratch and teaching me to do the same.

Pot Roast

Apr 27 2012

Pick One Spot

GirlTalk Blog had a contest to pick one spot in your home, beautify it, and submit before/after pictures for a chance to win $100 to your favorite home store.

Thought I’d share how my garden changed. Even if I don’t win, I am really happy to see this little spot as I walk into my home. Now for the garden on the other side of the front stoop…



Update: I didn’t win. Here’s the link to see the winners. They deserved it :) First Place and Runner Up

Jan 12 2010

2010 Journaling Challenge

Digichick is planning on doing a journaling challenge this year. I thought I might try to stick with this for the year since I’ve been meaning to do more journaling so that I can look back on the years and see God’s grace throughout my life.

This week’s challenge is to think about the last 10 years and write about the things that have been significant and shaped your life.

The last 10 years have held many significant events for me: graduating from pharmacy school, getting married, and having kids, just to name a few. Since I don’t blab all of my personal stuff on a blog, you’ll just have to ask me in person what is significant and why.

Nov 8 2009

Modern-Day Shepherds

I don’t think this is what the sheep did the night Jesus was born. The creativity people have always surprises me.

Oct 19 2009

Time in My Day?

Let’s face it: at any stage of life you feel like there is no time left in your day to do the things you need to do, much less want to do. I think since I have become a wife and mom, this statement is even more true. I especially feel the need to get into God’s Word for strength and refreshment, but with 2 toddlers screaming at each other that seems impossible. My husband pointed me to True Woman who says this:

1. First, think through the last 48 hrs. Any time-stealers come to mind? Facebook, Twitter, TV, email, Internet, phone calls, or texts? Make sure the enemy isn’t robbing you of God-moments by offering a “harmless” substitute. 2. Time with the Lord takes intentional planning when you have a full, noisy, busy house. Some days, gather your kids around and read a passage to them. If you can make it interesting to listen to, you might get through several verses. Write a few verses out and leave them in the kitchen, laundry room, or car so you can contemplate as you cook, fold, or wait for your kids. 3. Place Bibles in several spots around your house so anytime you do get to sit down you can snatch a verse or two to ponder. 4. Use the first few minutes of nap time to get rest for your spirit. You probably won’t be reading chapters or books at one sitting, but the Lord can use even snippets to instruct and encourage your heart. If you have kids who no longer nap, make a quiet zone where they can read or color while the little ones sleep and you get refreshed. Occasionally, this will actually work!! 5. Escape for a few minutes if you can after your husband gets home or right after dinner. I have had quiet times on picnic tables at the park, in my car at Sonic, on my driveway sitting in my car, and in my laundry room or closet. 6. Practice God’s presence “in the midst” of your crazy days. He doesn’t leave because your life is hectic. He can minister grace to your heart as you comfort that child or chop veggies for dinner or sort dirty socks. Christ knew what it was like to wash dirty feet. He is not absent when we are surrounded by lots of them! Remember that the Lord had many moments when He sought to draw apart to seek the Father. Sometimes that happened, sometimes He was moved with compassion and returned to the multitudes. His heart was to do the will of His Father every moment of every day, but He didn’t live apart, He lived in the midst. 7. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom and discernment as you discover what will work for your family. Since it is God’s will for you to know Him, ask Him to enable you to creatively pursue that in this season of your life. God’s Word is eternal. The lives of those who come to know Him are eternal. Houses, stuff, and even time will all pass away. We won’t regret time invested in His Word and in raising our kids to love Christ.

I would also add to this list #8: Get a good version of an audio Bible that you can play when you are driving, doing dishes, cooking, etc.