Oct 24 2011

Easy Squeeze Spoon

I saw this product in Target yesterday while shopping and thought, “That is a really great idea. I need to try that!” Feeding an infant baby food is a messy prospect and anything that can make the food from spilling out of the bowl during feedings is a great thing.

The Easy Squeezy Spoon by Munchkin

Food is placed into the bulb, then squeezed onto the spoon. You can then feed the food to your child.

Unfortunately, I’m disappointed with how this spoon actually works. In order to squeeze food out, the silicone bulb must be completely filled with food. And then when you get near the bottom, you need to get very creative with how to squeeze the food onto the spoon.


Even if rolled up like a tube of toothpaste, there is a lot of food left in the spoon that is either wasted, or needs to be spooned out the conventional way. For me, I would rather just save myself the hassle of funneling food into the silicone part and trying to get the right squeeze and just use a regular old bowl and spoon.

Ways to Improve this Spoon

  1. Make the entire device out of a more slippery plastic. This kind of silicone feels slightly sticky and picks up lint and other gunk after a while. Use the silicone as a gripper spaced out along the bulb.
  2. Make the entire device out of a squeeze plastic except the spoon so that less food is wasted.
  3. Make the bulb more like a pastry bag so that it is easy to squeeze and control flow of the food.
  4. Put an opening at the base instead of in the middle between the bulb and spoon.

All in all, a good idea. It just needs better design.