Apr 18 2011

Week 1 Photo Assignment

Week one was the study of light. How does natural light affect your subject? Certain times of day have different hues of light, the quality of light changes, and the shadows change.

We had to take photos of the same subject at different times of day. Here are some examples:

9 AM


12:45 PM


5 PM




I also took photos that illustrate front light, side light, and back light:

Front Light



Back Light



Side Light


Apr 17 2011

Adding a New Dimension

I have been digital scrapbooking for almost 2 years now. We have so many digital photos, that it is nice to do pages directly on the computer instead of printing or waiting for them to be developed. Our photos are decent, but I want to be able to have some great photos.

Although we have a great camera, I have barely scratched the surface of its potential. I have never learned basic composition, lighting, or other photo techniques.  I use the auto modes on the camera and have no idea how to use ISO settings, aperture, or white balance.

I found a basic 4 week photography class at Big Picture Classes with Elisha Snow that will introduce me to these concepts and hopefully improve my photography skills. We have a short assignment every week and are encouraged to take as many photos as possible to practice the concepts taught in class that week.

Aug 8 2010

Niagara Falls Tradition

I miss visiting Niagara Falls now that I’m so far away from it. I love to watch the water fall and be absorbed into the sound of the rushing water.

Aug 7 2010

More Fun with Grandma

Esther got everyone to hold her up to smell the flowers that summer.

Yin Template 118 Colorido Basico by Bianca Argollo Designs

Aug 6 2010

Fun in the “Sun”

Fun playing with blending options on this page.

Painted Summer by Bellisae Designs

Aug 5 2010

Cooking Lesson

Layout based on Template #12 by Binty
From My Window by Dreamsfulfilled

Aug 4 2010

Car Wash

Layout based on Yin Template 20
Bubble Bath by RebeccaB
This ‘n That by Pam Lefars Designs

Aug 3 2010

Silliness with Grandpa

Carmen collab by Melanoche

Aug 2 2010

Esther Cuteness

I’ve used this kit for quite a few pages. I think it’s one of my favorites: great colors and versatile elements.

Berry Bliss Mini by LetMeScrapbook

Aug 1 2010

A Favorite Niece

Credits: It’s an original MinorScraps creation :)