May 7 2012

Adobe Configurator

Have you heard of Adobe Configurator? It’s a nifty feature that I learned about while watching Photoshop User TV hosted by Scott Kelby.

You can create your own custom tool panel to use within Photoshop CS5 or Illustrator. I created a panel of the tools that I use most while creating a scrapbook page. In addition to creating your own panel, you can also save it to share with others (or yourself on different computers).

Here is a screenshot of my panel:

Configurator Panel

I also made a custom workspace:

Set up your photoshop windows the way you want them to be every time you open the program, then go to Window-> New Workspace. Save the workspace with an appropriate name. Now while creating, I have the things I use most often at my fingertips. And, the nice part is I can edit these things as my skills develop to suit my needs.

Photoshop Workspace

Mar 14 2012

How Do You Get a Family Portrait?

Question: How do you get a family portrait when your family is spread all over the country?

Answer: Take multiple photos and merge them with a photo editing program.

The solution is easier said than done. When I was back home in September, I had everyone get together for a family photo. The only family missing was my middle brother’s. When taking the picture, I left some blank space in the background:


I then asked my brother to send me some photos of his family against a blank wall. Unfortunately, one of his photos was way overexposed. Being a novice photographer, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I started fiddling with the exposure and other settings in Lightroom and Photoshop. The photo was not coming out well, so I put my photo project on the back burner.

Just a few weeks ago I was looking for some new scrapbooking blogs to read that have tutorials regularly. I found Mye DeLeon and her post here about fixing underexposed photos in Photoshop. At the end of the post, Mye also talks about how to fix overexposed pictures by duplicating the layer and changing the blend mode to multiply. So easy and made my picture usable!




20111211-Serious pic layers.jpg

After a lot more layering with adjustment layers to equalize the color and lighting in each photo so that they would blend, I finally have a finished product. A little late for Christmas, but just in time for Easter.

All Together.jpg

Oct 24 2011

Final Canvas Art Design

In case you are wondering, here is the final draft of my canvas art piece.

Immortal Invisible Final Upload

I really like how the font turned out. The color of the font is a sample of the fall leaf color. I changed the effects on the layers to emboss and satin to give it the shiny gold look.

The bottom layer is a brown-black sampled from the tree bark in the spring photo, then I used a photo of a forest and played with the blending modes and opacity to find the effect that looked best.

Using drop shadows, I was able to make the photos look matted.