Oct 24 2011

Final Canvas Art Design

In case you are wondering, here is the final draft of my canvas art piece.

Immortal Invisible Final Upload

I really like how the font turned out. The color of the font is a sample of the fall leaf color. I changed the effects on the layers to emboss and satin to give it the shiny gold look.

The bottom layer is a brown-black sampled from the tree bark in the spring photo, then I used a photo of a forest and played with the blending modes and opacity to find the effect that looked best.

Using drop shadows, I was able to make the photos look matted.

Sep 1 2011

Icing on the Cake

Welcome to those of you visiting from Digiscrap101! I don’t post regularly (you can see the reasons why in previous posts :) ), but if you like what you see, you may put my blog in your feedreader and get updates from time to time.

Today I am sharing a page that I did based on a speed scrap challenge over at Stuff to Scrap’s forum.

For those not familiar with Speed Scraps, you are given a certain number of directions to complete in a set time frame. Once you are done, you have a finished page. It’s a great way to get some guidance and still design a page on your own.

Here are the instructions (Speed Scrap 278):

  1. Select 1-3 photos.

  2. Pick 8 papers – You can pick 4-6 and duplicate some if you would rather but you need at least 4 different ones.

  3. Set one paper as your background. Cut 5 large strips from at least 3 other papers (2 can be duplicated…at least 3 need to be different) and place across the background paper.

  4. Place photos across the center of your layout or across one edge. They don’t have to be straight or aligned.

  5. Mat photos with 2 papers, one on top of the other.

  6. Place 2 elements wherever you wish. They can be duplicated up to 3 times each.

  7. Add a title or journaling if you want. Add shadows and other finishing touches.

And here is my page:

20110726 Beautiful Summer Day

Since I had so many pictures from that day that I liked, I used the page I made, turned it counter clockwise, and rearranged the pictures a bit. New page in less than 30 minutes! Easy!

201107262 Beautiful Summer Day

Forest Friends Alpha by Erica Zane
Fairy Take by Stuff to Scrap

Aug 1 2011

Fonts Don’t Float, and Neither Do Pictures

These pages were created using a technique I learned at the Daily Digi. Suzy talked about how when text is printed on a page, it should follow the texture of the page to look real.

I decided to test this out on photos too. It made the photo really blend into the page and look like it was crumpled up, just as the page appears.

2010010300 Hallie's MiniMe

2009081600 Mary Poppins copy

Jul 31 2011

Thirty Minute Page

Although this page may look complicated, it was very simple to create.

I came up with the idea for this page when I had 7 pictures, but I didn’t think individual pictures would look good all together. The pictures I used for the background seemed to tell a back story, give the page movement and immerse the reader in the feeling of going from a snowy place to a sunny place. I could then very easily make a cohesive design using the 4 pictures snapped inside the airport to tell the story about our excitement of going on the trip.

I used a large soft brush (150-350 pixels, 0% hardness) varying the opacity and size to blend the pictures and make one melt into the other.

2009122900 On to Virginia